Climat protection

Nature needs us


The tree donation sticker on your joining module symbolizes that we have donated a tree for this joining module. Why did we do this? Because we see it as our ecological responsibility to contribute to the protection of the environment and to the curbing of the climate change. The forest fulfills many functions for nature and for us. It is the habitat for countless plants and animals, cleans the air and provides shade. It supplies wood as a raw material, produces oxygen and stores CO2.

We have therefore decided to support the two organizations "PLANT-MY-TREE®" and "BOS Lebenswald” this year. is a project by BOS. PROMESS has been supporting charitable organizations for many years and makes donations every year to various initiatives and projects suggested by our employees. This project was initiated by the climate scouts at PROMESS and is being implemented by them. It is one of several projects and campaigns for sustainable management in our company.


Finally, we would like to invite you to a little treat for your ears.
Just relax and listen to the sound of our wonderful nature.

Our contribution to climat protection

PROMESS collects rainwater for flushing toilets in two of three buildings. A photovoltaic system produces around 100,000 kWh of electricity per year, and a green roof also cools the building in summer. Employees from various departments have come together to form climate scouts and work out measures for resource-saving production through to the desired climate neutrality. In order to offset the previously unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, PROMESS donated 70,000 euros for regional climate protection projects and the non-governmental organization Ackercrowd .

Further measures and projects

  • Use of the compressor waste heat
  • Purchase of green electricity
  • Unsealing of 250 m² in favor of a natural garden
  • Close-to-nature maintenance of the green areas
  • Separation of waste and use of self-made compost for organic waste
  • Support for regional climate protection projects such as MoorFutures
  • Water dispenser for employees
  • Reduction of paper consumption through digitization (e.g. introduction of a digital ordering system)
  • Repair an reuse of used joining units
  • Partner in the NEMo - Zero Emission Motzener Strasse - project
  • We are signatory of the future charter Grüner Hirsch
  • The project green power plant of the company network Motzener Straße e.V. shows on its website the amount of environmentally friendly electricity and heat generation of the network. The performance of our PV systems is also included.

PROMESS Climate Scouts open “herbal bar”

We are signatory of the future
charter Grüner Hirsch

PROMESS team takes part in the city cycling initiative

PROMESS Certificates

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