Climat protection

Our contribution to climat protection

PROMESS collects rainwater for flushing toilets in two of three buildings. A photovoltaic system produces around 100,000 kWh of electricity per year, and a green roof also cools the building in summer. Employees from various departments have come together to form climate scouts and work out measures for resource-saving production through to the desired climate neutrality. In order to offset the previously unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, PROMESS donated 70,000 euros for regional climate protection projects and the non-governmental organization Ackercrowd.

Further measures and projects

  • Use of the compressor waste heat
  • Purchase of green electricity
  • Unsealing of 250 m² in favor of a natural garden
  • Close-to-nature maintenance of the green areas
  • Separation of waste and use of self-made compost for organic waste
  • Support for regional climate protection projects such as MoorFutures
  • Water dispenser for employees
  • Reduction of paper consumption through digitization (e.g. introduction of a digital ordering system)
  • Repair an reuse of used joining units
  • Partner in the NEMo - Zero Emission Motzener Strasse - project

PROMESS certificates

Here you can download our certificates.