Assembly presses


As an option to our assembly presses UFM Line5 we offer our PROMESS Safety Box PSB as an alternative to the integration in electrical cabinets. The device features all safety and power components for this purpose. It can easily and quickly be connected by plug & play. All cables are pluggable. Due to the compact design, the PSB can be mounted next to the assembly press so that cable lengths can be reduced and wiring becomes unnecessary. By using the PSB your assembly press will be ready for production instantly.




  • No integration in electrical cabinets
  • Reduction of cable lengths
  • No wiring work
  • No adaption of electrical diagrams
  • Short connection time: plug & play
  • PLe for STO by default
  • Extention on SLS, SS1, SS2 possible
  • IP Code 54
  • Extremely compact design



PSD Safety Module

The PROMESS Safety Device (PSD) is delivered fully tested and ready for installation. It features, among other things, the power electronics and the safety control unit for the assembly press UFM Line5. The following safety functions can be realized by the PSD: STO in PLe according to DIN ISO 13849-1; optionally: SSx and SLS in PLd according to DIN ISO 13849-1 (for UFM Line5 with safety brake). The use of the PSD simplifies and speeds up the start-up of the assembly unit. The PSD is suitable for our UFM Line5 units with and without brakes. As a prerequisite, it must be controlled using field bus.


  • Short installation times
  • No wiring necessary
  • Completely inspected and tested
  • EMC tested


Technical Data

UFM Line5Article-no.WxHxD (mm)Power supplyFrequencyOperating temperture rangeControle voltage
10 kNPSD010G1357x475x300380-480 VAC
+/-10%, 3 ph
50 - 60 Hz+5 - 40 °C
24 VDC
30 kNPSD030G1500x500x300
60 kNPSD060G1500x500x300
100 kNPSD100G1500x500x350

Connected Components

  • AC servo amp with NC module
  • Brake resistance
  • EMC components, main power filter
  • Safety controller: safety functionality
  • STO in PLe in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1; optional: SSx and SLS in PLd in accordance with DIN ISO 13849-1 (for UFM Line5 with safety brake)
  • Field bus interface (must be ordered separately)
  • Set of cables (must be ordered separately)
  • Required connectors (connected to pins): power supply
  • 24-volt emergency stop circuit


The robust C-frames are easily accessible from the front and sides and provide high stiffness. The max. bending is 0.2 mm under nominal load. They are mainly suitable for use in assembly lines or machines.

By default, the lower plates are equipped with a centre hole and 2-T grooves as optimum tool mounts. The upper plates are pre-fabricated to hold the corresponding joining module. The basic measurements are adaptable.


Four-column frames are suitable for applications with central axial application of force. They offer low bending that is solely parallel.

By Default, the lower plates are equipped with a centre hole and 2-T grooves as optimum tool mounts. The upper plates are pre-fabricated to hold the corresponding joining module.

Besides PROMESS offers additional accessories as follows:

  • Flange plate
  • External force transducer
  • Cable track module
  • Sensors
  • Connector sets
  • Cable sets
  • Fieldbusses
  • Display and PC

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