Assembly presses

For short start-up times

PROMESS provides mounting plates that allow short start-up times for our assembly presses. The mounting plates are manufactured in-house. They are started up, calibrated and subjected to a performance and Long-term test together with the electro-mechanical assembly press. The mounting plates are shipped with CAD drawings and, upon request, with inspection records of the final acceptance inspection. They can be easily integrated into the electrical System of an assembly line. The plates have been designed for electrical cabinets from the AE 1350 or TS 8 series manufactured by Rittal.


  • Short start-up times
  • No wiring work
  • Fully tested and inspected
  • EMV tested

Our customer-specific, modular electric cabinets

No matter if you would like to run one or several electro mechanical assembly presses. We offer customer-specific, modular electric cabinets with different options, also with UL certificate. Our cabinets are manufactured in-house and they are tested before leaving our premises.


  • For one or several electro mechanical assembly presses
  • With or without installed industrial PC
  • With or without main switch (primary or secondary)
  • With or without fuse protection
  • With or without ventilator or air conditioning
  • With lead outlets at the top, bottom or on the side
  • With or without cabinet lightning


PROMESS offers different press frames for the installation and integration of the assembly presses into assembly lines and machines. The C-frames are mainly used for assembly tasks in the force range up to 100 kN. They feature a high rigidity and an excellent accessibility from the front and side. All C-frames consist of a welded steel frame with a RAL 7035 paint coating, as well as burnished top and bottom plate. The top plates are ready for installation of the electro mechcanical assembly press. The bottom plate has a central bore with fitting and T-slots, for easily fastening the tools.


ADVANTAGES of our press frame:

  • Available for various press models
  • Variable clear height and depth
  • Solid steel construction, completely assembled and ready-to-use
  • Base plates finished-grinded



Two and Four-Column Frames

The two- and four-column frames are suitable for applications with central axial force transmission. The advantage of the column frames is the low amount of bending, whereby parallelity is maintained. Column Frames are largly used for stamping and forming, but are also suitable for other applications. The top and bottom plates of the column frames consist of burnished steel and are equipped with two T-slots parallel to the lateral edges (T-Slot wit asper DIN 65-10). On all frames, the clear height and depth can be variably adjusted depending on the application.

PROMESS Digital Module

The extension module PDM-IO offers the user 16 digital in- and outputs to connect 24 VDC signals. The module is connected to the UFM control via the PROMESS bus.

Additional extensions:

  • PDM-A:
    4 inputs for the connection of analog signals or potentiometric sensors; 1 encoder input for the connection of digital measuring sensors

  • PDM-S:
    1 input for the connection of a strain gauge force transducer; 1 encoder input for the connection of digital measuring sensors

  • PDM-P:
    1 input for the connection of a piezo force transducer; 1 encoder input for the connection of digital measuring sensors

All modules are connected digitally to the UFM control via the PROMESS bus.

External Sensors

The NC control allows the user to connect diverse additional sensors for force, distance, temperature or similar physical values, and to analyse the data they provide. 


Article No.Sensor/AccessoryCableStrokeResolution
3647Precision sensor ST 1278axial12 mm, neutral position extended +/- 0,001 m
3640Precision sensor ST 1278radial12 mm, neutral position extended+/- 0,001 m
4103003080Precision sensor ST 1277axial12 mm, neutral position extended+/- 0,001 m
4103003078Precision sensor ST 1278axial30 mm, neutral position extended+/- 0,001 m
115413055 m connecting cable for precision sensor ST 127x


The system has two analog inputs and an encoder input. Max. two of these can be evaluated simultaneously.

Displays and PCs

PROMESS offers various programming options for editing the NC programs and visualizing the signal characteristics. You can choose between an industrial PC, Panel-PCs or a display without PC.


For the communication between the PLC and NC controller of the press, we offer various field busses. These include: Profibus, Profinet, EtherNET/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. On request, we provide additional fieldbusses.

Lubrication set

For periodic lubrication of our assembly presses, we offer different maintenance kits consisting of a grease gun and high-quality lubricating grease.


Further products