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PROMESS provides light weight assembly presses for the use at robot arms. The units are individually configured and feature a slotted frame that allows for parallel bending at nominal load. A precise compensation against bending is done by the software. The presses are equipped with an absolute encoder which eliminates the need for referencing. The digital preamplifier transfers the force signal at a resolution of 24-bit almost trouble-free, so that a system accuracy of 0.3 % from the final value is achieved. The UFM V5.xx programming software offers all possibilities for an overall quality control and process monitoring.

Nominal force25 kN
Nominal stroke350 mm
Nominal speed200 mm/s
Acceleration1000 mm/s2
Holding time at nominal force4 s
Weight (Press + Frame)49 kg
Characteristic value1 mV/V
System accuracy*

< 1% with 2-point-calibration/
< 0,3% with characteristic map

Resolution0,91 N

* Force measuring system, static calibration


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