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Individual single workstations

PROMESS offers modular single workstations equipped with an electro mechanical assembly press, in the force range of 3 to 300 kN. The workstations are particular suitable for small to medium productions runs or prototype manufacturing, and offer extremely flexible application options, thanks to their modular design.

All workstations are numerically controlled, autonomous stations of highest precision. They are equipped with integrated force-distance monitoring and thus ensure optimal quality assurance for each joined part. The measuring data is analysed in real-time and thus the results are immediately available for use during the running production.

On demand, we deliver our components up to a turn-key workstation and offer the necessary installation and start-up support.


  • Modular system design enables individual customised workstations
  • Wide range of force, stroke and speed ranges
  • Integrated force-distance monitoring
  • Immediate display of process results
  • Highest positioning accuracy and repeatability across the entire press stroke
  • Numeric control eliminates the need for mechanical stops and adjustments to control valves
  • Extreme robust design for long periods of use
  • T-slot and central bore for easily fastening the tool
  • High level of operating comfort thanks to short distances for insertion operations
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Supplied with CE declaration of conformity

The heart of each workstation is the electro mechanical assembly press. Its dimensions and specifications are tailored to the requirements of the customer. Based on these dimensions, the other components are configured:

  • Press frames (C frame, column frame)
  • Mounting plate (wood or aluminium)
  • Size of the base frame
  • Frame feet (levelling feet or fastening lugs)
  • Safety equipment
  • Size of the electric cabinet

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