Special solutions


The universal rotation units are used to supplement the assembly presses and allow rotation movements to be performed in addition to the joining process. This rotation can be performed prior to or during the movements of the joining process. The units are auxiliary components and can be mounted on all assembly presses - depending on the required torque. The fastening plate for mounting the assembly press and frame is individually manufactured in accordance with the customer requirements.

Application examples:

Amongst others, the universal rotation units are suitable for the following applications

  • Aligning or orienting parts prior to the joining process
  • Applying torque to parts after they have been pressed in, in order to measure the rosional stiffness
  • Rotating parts during the pressing procedure, if required by the joining method
DesignationTorque NmSpeed RpmPerm. axial force kN
UDR 5/10005100012
UDR 10/5001050012
UDR 20/2002020020
UDR 50/1005010020/40/60
UDR 100/501005020/40/60

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