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Versatile for different applications

The compact manual workstation UFM-C-Compact can be used for the quality controlled assembly of small production runs. Due to his high precision he is suitable for applications in the micrometer range. The reproducibility of the integrated NC controlled assembly press is of +/- 0.001 mm. The systems needs only few space because of his compact design. All electrical components are integrated in the press rack, so that an electric cabinet is not needed. The workstation is available in two sizes: Series S: 200 N to 3 kN and series M: 10 kN to 30 kN


  • Compact design: all-in-one
  • Different variants with nominal ranges of 50 N to 30 kN
  • Extremely fast for short cycle times
  • Flexible for NEW applications
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use programming software UFM V5.xx
  • Combines complex work steps in a single process
  • 100% quality assurance, documented
  • Window and envelope technology
  • Quiet and clean - no oil or pneumatics
  • Extremely fast changeover times, suitable for small production runs

Included in delivery: manual workstation with electro mechanical assembly press, NC control and operating software.

Additional accessories for optimum use of our workstations:

  • Touchscreen IPC
  • Worktable with electrically adjustable height
  • Precision table
  • Precision probe
  • Start button
  • Start foot pedal

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