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PROMESS is your partner in the field of assembly and testing technology.

Since more than 20 years we are specializing in development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of our electro mechanical assembly presses. Our core competence consists in developing complete technologies for solving individual and complex assembly and testing tasks. In addition we provide high-quality standard components. Our wide range of electro mechanical assembly presses offers unlimited options for your requirements.

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PROMESS offers a wide range of electromechanical NC joining systems for force-displacement-monitored assembly, joining and inspection tasks. The servo press is available in various designs. With four different types in the range of force from 200 N to 500 kN as well as a large selection of strokes and speeds, PROMESS servo presses ensure maximum flexibility. Our product series UFM Line5, UFM Compact5, UFM Precision5 and UFM Classic we offer electromechanical joining modules for a wide range of applications.

Our NC joining systems UFM Precision5 are the specialists in the microtechnology field, watch industry or medical technology. The precision mechanics of the servo press, its high-resolution sensors and intelligent control enable results in the micrometer range.

For tasks with a narrow inside micrometer, e.g. when attaching valve seat inserts and guides, the UFM Compact5 series servo press is particularly suitable. The servo motor for this type of model is parallel to the housing and thus ensures a low overall height of the servo press.

Our electromechanical NC joining systems UFM Line5 have solid mechanics with integrated force-displacement sensors and a flange-mounted motor or gearbox. The servo press is available in various standardized sizes and power ranges: 10, 30, 60,100 and 200 kN.

The units of the UFM Classic series offer a wide range of load ranges and nominal strokes and thus numerous configuration possibilities. Depending on customer requirements, the servo press is equipped with strain gauges or piezo force measurement technology and has a flexible drive concept in which the motor is mounted angled or inline to the press mechanism as required.

The main areas of operation of the servo presses are transmission, engine or chassis assembly in the automotive and subcontracting industries. But the servo presses are also used in other industrial branches, such as medical technology, watchmaking, microtechnology and electrical engineering.

Planners in production plants are increasingly choosing servo presses from PROMESS rather than pneumatic and hydraulic systems due to their high efficiency and their flexible application possibilities. The mechanics with which all types of the PROMESS servo press are equipped is very robust and stable. All presses have a long service life due to the high dynamic and static load ratings. Each servo press operates with high accuracy, both in force measurement and in the positioning and reproducibility of the processes. We offer comprehensive quality control, a modern database structure for the processing of the quality data, as well as efficient software, which is subject to ongoing development.

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