Assembly presses

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Our Classic Series

The electro mechanical assembly units of the Classic Series are available in a large selection of force ranges and nominal strokes. Due to their modular construction, the units can be integrated in automated assembly lines as well as in manual work-places. A special synchronous belt connects the motor directly with ball/roller gear drive and guarantees a positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm. The angled motor favours a low installation height. This is of high importance if the unit has to be installed under a conveyor belt or a transfer system.

The mechanics comprise of the following components:

  • Round steel housing with mounting flange

  • Ball / Roller gear drive

  • Force transducer

  • Axial bearing

  • Press ram

  • AC-servomotor

Modular and networkable

The mechanics are triggered via a power amplifier with integrated NC-module. The risk processor fitted in the NC-module takes over the control and monitoring of the assembly unit. It can be programmed comfortably and easily with PROMESS software using a commercially available PC and thus guarantees the user the highest operating comfort as well as maximum reliability.

The force-distance course can be monitored by envelope or windows functions. Quality control data and press programs can be stored via the data base plug-in and can be used again at any time. The system features a digital pre amplifier that transmits the force signal trouble-free with a resolution of 24 Bit. The calibration by measuring map allows for a very high accuracy of the force measuring and replaces the switchover of measuring ranges.


  • Compact control inside the power amplifier
  • Fieldbuses can optionally be upgraded as plug-in module
  • PLe for STO integrated by default
  • No external analysis system required
  • Real-time force distance analysis directly in the servo amplifier

Intuitive and flexible

The UFM Software V5.XX features a transparent interface which provides simple operation. An integrated user administration with password input and rights management provides for quality assurance and traceability of the production process. The extended data base supports the server based systems SQL Server and Oracle.

New query and filter possibilities of the DB-Viewer display the requested records. Programs and editing can be stored and ever used again so that changes in the program can be retraced at any time. The real time envelope test allows for an immediate stop of the press in case of the limits being broken. The monitoring of the limit curves and the setting of the status are carried out in real time. The force-distance course can be monitored by envelope or windows functions.

Software Highlights

  • Press to signal, press to force, press to an external signal (e.g., analog or TTL signals)
  • Force and speed can be programmed indivially during the joining process
  • Variables can be used to transmit setpoints, perform calculations using PLC and generate counters
  • 100% quality control using window and/or envelope methods
  • 100% process documentation using modern database structure
  • 100% process anaylsis using standardized interface to QS-STAT (optional), alternative to process management software IPM (optional) - can be expanded using .net interface
  • Trigger function for demanding applications
  • High controller accuracy (minimization of overshoot in control processes)
  • Display of two graphs in one diagramm
  • Quick printout of a graph report (screenshot)

The scope of supply comprises:

  • Mechanics of the assembly press with motor
  • Documentation folder
  • Power amplifier incl. application module and UFM V5 firmware
  • Digital preamplifier PDM-S
  • Ethernet module
  • Cable, field bus and additional accessories upon request

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